Industrial Design
Industrial Design

We build the entire product development process, from initial phase to industrial feasibility.


We develop the product through our expert designers, considering its technical specifications.


We build functional models and prototypes intended for laboratory technical tests.

Mould Tools
Mould Tools

We follow the entire mould construction cycle without ever losing sight of the quality required by a project.

Engineering Code
A long history

Years of experience and successes in specific fields of industrial design and production with professional skills matured over time.

The Italian style

Passion, Italian style and technology allow BetaEngineering’s team to conceive, design and build winning products for world’s different markets.

The BetaEngineering code

Human and technological resources united to face the challenges in a more competent, dynamic, structured way, according to a single code: BetaEngineering.

From idea to product

From design to project completion, industrial designers, technicians and engineers guide the path that leads from idea to product.

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BetaCode is a group born from the fusion of three Italian companies, devoted to design and development of industrial products. In highly dynamic and competitive scenarios, BetaCode responds to companies demanding for professionally qualified support in research and development of industrial products.