The Design Process

Challenge was to build around this product an allure of strong technical features and performances, with little room for aesthetic, and this challenge gave birth to the design of Inverter Motor Group 60kW It is a product with a high technological value designed to work on electric vehicles in the automotive field, used to convert DC (in) to AC (out) . Compact and clean design, merging sharp lines with faceted surfaces and soft curves. , giving an outlook that can balance both rigour and sinuosity, inspired by the automotive field.
compact and clean design
  • compact and clean design
  • sharp lines & soft curves
  • technology of the near future
  • user friendly design
  • focused on functionality
Inverter Motor
Inverter Motor60KW Group
  • design compatto e pulito
  • linee nette e curve morbide
  • tecnologia del prossimo futuro
  • design intuitivo user friendly
  • focalizzato sulla funzionalità
Motore Inverter
  • balanced rigour and sinuosity
  • technical compoenents in a single block
  • inspired by the automotive field